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At present, internet is the essential tools for supporting all business activities. IT administrators of all organization have to understand and prepare the sufficient and safe internet connection. There are many options for the basic structure of internet connection. Basically, the primary factors to consider are the number of users and the purposes of usage such as research, email, e-commerce, entertainment etc.


For technical capacity, it is necessary to consider factors such as bandwidth sufficiency, usage control, compliance to related law, and security control as well. Besides the appropriate forms and speed of the internet connection, the optional security systems are imperative for the systems which connect to the internet. Nowadays, it is likely that the organization?s IT systems are facing various harms from the internet access such as Hacker/Cracker, and the malware (virus, spyware, spam e-mail, phishing e-mail) etc. For many cases, these harms can cause damage to the business unexpectedly; this has occurred in many countries around the world.


The common problems concerning internet usage in the organization are: The speed of the internet is getting slower, although the speed of rental internet system is increased but is not very helpful. It cannot be determined whether the system has been used inappropriately which is breaking the company policies or illegal, and it cannot be traced back to the user who causes the problem. It cannot manage the present internet bandwidth for the users in each group which have different levels of priority. OPTIMIZED SOLUTION has a team with experience in design, install and maintain the basic structure of internet connection for organizations of all sizes. Our solutions cover below services.


  • Internet  Bandwidth managenent
  • Internet Usage Control (Web Filteng / Content Filtering)
  • Internet Security (Anti-virus / BOT-WARE / Spy-Ware)
  • Traffic-Log Management Supporting Computer Crime Act B.E. 2550 (2007)


We are pleased to offer a technical consultation to select the most suitable solution as cost-efficient as possible, including the installation and maintenance services.