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Internet Security Service : Firewall

Internet Security

A Firewall is a software-based network security system that helps to protective and control suspicious incoming and outgoing traffic network such as hacker, viruses, Trojans, and other by analyzing the data and determining whether they should be allowed thorough or not, based on options.

Why do we need a firewall?



Nowadays, people are connected to internet world which grant your comfortable to do any financial and personal information. In the mean time, your data is in vulnerable to access information by hacker and other malicious attack.

A firewall has a great deal of functions owing to research and development following:

  • Protect an attack from any traffic.
  • Prevent the data or IP address hide to protect hosts
  • Keep important information to be not leak out from insider
  • Controlling user only the applications they need
  • Keep log to substantiate true identity log server





Log server

Why do we need to collect the log?

Users are connected with the internet, they could hide true identity from outside world. It creates problem while user making mistake to other user. The Log server could help to find what user are doing in particular server in many ways such as the deployment of new applications, or the failure of one or more subsystems including data. Also, we can detect and connect to problem that make mistake with another users.






VPN or Virtual Private Network has been associated from private network to public network. VPN could access from any place any time through server by sending and receiving across internet. The company could reduce cost from communicate and time with company's branch. In addition, employees don't need to travel to other place for receiving data.






Web Filtering

Web Filtering is a service to support company for controlling internet usage. The filter checks an incoming web page to be appropriate for company to reduce cost and protect over internet bandwidth in any webpage that unnecessary to employee.






A computer virus is a program to harm your computer by damaging programs or reformatting the hard drive. A virus can appear to your computer system along with any software program. For computer users, this threat comes from downloading some files or references from the attachments. To protect your computer, it?s necessary to avoid and keep your computer with anti-virus program.