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IARP Asia (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

?IT outsourcing service not only brings us cost advantages but also provide skillful IT staffs.?

NAME : Mr.Marut Thaikuljaraen

POSITION : General Manager

COMPANY : IARP Asia (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

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Markem-Imaje Co.,Ltd.

?To employ a permanent IT staff compared with the outsourced ones, the outsourced IT staffs have the right expertise"

NAME : Mr.Boonchai Laohawattananon

POSITION : General Manager

COMPANY : Markem-Imaje Co.,Ltd.

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Namsang Chakkol Co.,Ltd.

?Effective operation and productivity were generated by outsourcing IT staffs that have strong experience..."

NAME : Mr.Santi Temkunkeart

POSITION : Managing Director

COMPANY : Namsang Chakkol Co.,Ltd.

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Srithai Superware Public Co., Ltd.

"Hiring the IT Outsourcing Service is a widely business practice for leading companies to stay competitive... "

NAME : Ms.Benyapa Benyagijyanon

POSITION : Information Technology Manager

COMPANY : Srithai Superware Public Co., Ltd.

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Sutech Engineering Co.,Ltd.

?From the very beginning of the project, we were only attracted by the company name, Optimized Solution."

NAME : Mr.Pranaet Raksinjalearnwong

POSITION : Executive Vice President.

COMPANY : Sutech Engineering Co.,Ltd.

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