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Optimized Solution Co., Ltd. was founded by engineers who have been working in the field of IT and telecommunication for a long time. We have direct experience being as user, administrator, and installation-maintenance service provider of IT Infrastructure for many organizations. From our experiences and various view points in this field of business, we found that most IT companies at present are focusing on selling the equipments and providing technical support for their products only. Their lack of attention to the overall system means clients concerns as user and business owner often don’t get addressed. Therefore, we had an idea to establish Optimized Solution as the IT Infrastructure provider offering a full range of services within the system with the technical support and understanding of clients’ needs. We hope that our company will be the supporter of your organization, who has answers to questions about IT system as below.

"How can a company have a robust and sufficient IT Infrastructure system which is flexible, able to use its full function, able to connect with other systems and a wide range of communication network as well as relatively low-cost maintenance."

Investing on a service provider who can answer that question will help the organization save and control cost of IT effectively. Moreover, there is no risk for breaking the computer law, and it will reduce the complexity of management. Therefore, the executives can focus more on the management of their core business.

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“Let us take care your IT system,.

So you can focus on Business.”